Monday, December 8, 2008

Some call me MamaMelton, some WILL call me GrandMamaMelton!!!!

Yes, we got the beautiful news this past week:

Our daughter and son in law are expecting their first child...and our first GRANDchild!!!

We are very happy, and excited to begin this new journey. August 1st is the due date. Can't wait!


HermitJim said...

Hey GrannyCat...wonderful news for you! Nothing wrong with being such a young grandmother, right?

I know you and hubby won't spoil the grandbaby or anything...and think how much more fun christmas is going to be with some little ones to enjoy it for the first time!

Congrats to the family...

Cat Melton said...

Hey Jim,
Thanks for the kind words. You know, I was beginning to feel OLD for a GrandMama, all my friends already have grand babies. Leave it to my friend the hermit to make me feel

And, of course, there will be spoiling!!!

Thanks again for dropping by!

MI - (Mission Impossible) said...

HI Cat

Congrats on your news. Warm wishes to you and your family. I hope it all goes well for you ... I am sure the new addition will bring much joy.

Have a great day.


Cat Melton said...

Thank you so much for the well wishes...they mean a great deal to me.
I am so excited, I can hardly wait...but I know I must.

Hope all is well with you and yours,

blondie said...

Well THAT sure caught my eye today!
Congrats New Future GrammaCat!
I know you're happy as heck and will keep us all up to date on how things are going! Whoo Hooooo !!!
A New Baby to Spoil :))
C'ya girl friend,

Cat Melton said...

Oh Blondie, I am just about beside myself with joy...simply cannot wait to get my hands on that little bundle!

Will definitely keep you all may get tired of hearing about

Thanks, my friend who is a girl!