Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Special Thanksgiving Message

From Wes Hopper, DailyGratitude.com

A Special Thanksgiving Message

I think it's wonderful that here in the USA
and Canada we have special days to
remember gratitude. Of course, we know
that gratitude is a 365 days a year attitude
that creates constant blessings, but to
have its own day is still good.

This year, with the world in economic
turmoil, many people out of work, and
lots of anxiety about the future, it's even
more important than usual to practice the
attitude of gratitude. Here's my suggestion
for how to do that.

First, put everything in perspective. Here's
a quote from a newspaper during the
Great Depression of the 1930's:

"To give thanks in prosperous times may
seem easy. To give thanks in difficult times
may seem all but impossible. But it is never
harder to give thanks at one time than at
another, if the thanks be given in an
understanding of God's invariable goodness."

So we remind ourselves that we live in a
friendly Universe ready and willing to support
us. We remember that there is good
everywhere if we look. We know that if
we look for the good, we are focusing on
what we want, not what we don't want. And
what we focus on, grows.

What next? Well, the best way I know to take
my mind off my problems is to do something
for someone else. Who can you reach out to
with a call, or a visit, or a meal, or a helping
hand? Think about it, and then take action.

When you do you'll find that not only do you
feel really good, but gratitude for your own
blessings will bubble up inside of you
without effort. And linger for quite a while.

I am thankful for "God's invariable goodness"
this week and I am thankful for all of you.
Writing would be no fun without readers
and their feedback.

So go forth and do good.
I appreciate all of you, very much!

© 2008 Wes Hopper. All rights reserved.
Feel free to pass the above in its entirety to
anyone you wish.

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The only thing I can add to this is
that I wish for
all of us the most
peaceful, joyous, and gratitude-

filled Thanksgiving holiday ever.


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