Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Tis the Season for Giving...

Christmas is a mere 2 weeks away...already.

Among the many thoughts and feelings of this Holiday season, I find myself continuing to be grateful for the wonderful blessings I have: My extraordinary family; a warm, comfortable home; food to eat; friends (online and off) to interact with; and peace.

The following article is from the dailygratitude newletter that I receive and I wanted to share it:

"If we seem to experience difficulties,
it's because we are out of the flow.
And one of the most effective ways
to get back in the flow is through giving."

- - Eric Butterworth

This seems to be a good time to point out the power in the 5th principle of gratitude. After all, the holiday season seems to be mostly focused on giving. But there's a danger here.

When we give out of an obligation, we eliminate the benefits. When we're resistant to giving because of a belief in scarcity, we're asking the Universe for more scarcity. And these can be big issues this time of year.

So how do we stay in the flow without being totally irresponsible?

We make a conscious decision to give from love and joy. We drop some money in the Salvation Army bucket outside the store, even if it's just a buck. We spend responsibly while rejecting any thoughts of scarcity, and focus on the joy that giving brings.

We know that giving is an outlet that opens up the inlet to our lives, so we claim the truth that as we give, so shall we receive.

A great Teacher said that once, I believe.

We have all been the recipients of countless blessings this year. Make a gratitude list and really feel the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Wrap every gift with the appreciation that you feel for the recipient. Tie the bow with love.

If you do, you'll be firmly in the flow, the flow of life, the flow of good. And your heart will know the difference.

Holiday love to you all!

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HermitJim said...

Good post, Cat...and so true! Thanks for the reminder!!