Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How To Be Self Confident

Here is another gem of an article from:

Daily Gratitude Newsletter
Volume 5, Issue 2 - February 2009
Putting Gratitude To Work For You

How To Be Self Confident

"When you feel as though you are doing
what you were born to do, there is
simply no alternative but to succeed.
Failure becomes nothing more than
feedback on the road to your destiny. "
- - - Daniel Levis

A lot of people want to know how to become
self confident. They think its a new skill to
learn. But it's not.

You were BORN self confident!

How many times did you fall down learning
to walk? Did you ever see a baby sitting
there blubbering "Waaa, I'll never learn to
walk. I can't do it. I'm such a klutz!"

No! Babies have absolute confidence that
they can walk and they'll fall down as often
as they have to without ever doubting they
can do it.

You know why? They were BORN to walk!

Their self confidence comes, as Daniel Levis
says, "from doing what they were born to
do." Falling is nothing more than feedback
on the way to 60 mph toddlerhood.

That's the way you were born. Now let me
tell you about you as an adult.

You were BORN to live your dream!

But wait, what happened to the absolute
confidence that you can do it? Well, it's
still there but you've been conditioned to
being afraid of falling down. Somewhere
between toddler and adult we get taught
that "falling down" means we're a bad
person. We're a failure, incompetent, less
than good.

So we stop taking risks.We forget that
nothing wonderful was ever accomplished
without risk. We forget that Thomas Edison
had over 10,000 failures before he got the
light bulb to work.

We forget that Napoleon Hill wrote an
entire chapter on persistence in his classic
"Think and Grow Rich" saying that it was
the most important characteristic of
successful people.

We forget that it's the way we learned to

Remember we live in a friendly Universe.
You can have anything you want as long
as it's for the best for everyone and you're
willing to do the work. That means you
gotta fall down, get up, fall down, get up,
repeat until you have achieved it.

Bob Proctor speaks to thousands today
but he didn't start that way. His first
seminar, he rented a place seating about
1,000 and six people showed up. Do you
know how empty that place looked? He did
the program anyway. He got up.

It was his way of telling the Universe, "Hey,
see these 1,000 seats? That's my vision,
so let's get busy and fill them." And he
kept doing seminars until he did.

You don't need to learn self confidence.
You just need to remember it! Know you
were born to live your dream. Have the
same feeling you had as a toddler holding
on to the coffee table, looking at the chair
so far away and thinking, "I can do it!"

Because you can. You were born to succeed!

That's something to be grateful for!

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In reading my last post, I realized that just
the day after I had posted it, we were hit
with an ice and snow storm that knocked out
power to many, many Kentuckians. We were
without power for 5 days, but I have to say
that this time was so much different than a
few years ago when we had no power for about
the same amount of time. I was calm and
truly peaceful, and not really terribly
cold. (We have yet to get that alternate
heat source hooked up...yes, I know, Jim...
we're working on it...lol)

Even the fact that I had no internet did not
upset me as it used to. It was as if I was
finally actually practicing what I was
preaching...gratitude for the things you
HAVE, and not fretting for the things you
don't. A peace. A knowledge that all would
work out. Patience.

Amazing how the Universe works.


blondie said...

Thanks Cat,
That's just what I needed today!
Heck, I feel better already, lol
Have a Smilin Good Day,
Your bud,

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...I'm proud of ya, my smiling friend! Glad you didn't get too badly hit with the winter storms, though!

Sounds like you are mentally prepared for the emergencies that might come your way...and that's a good thing!

You take care and we'll keep checking on ya!

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...just gave you an award! Don't forget to pick it up, OK?