Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just got some absotively, posilutely, fantabulous news...the Hermit made it thru IKE!!!

He still has no internet, but he and his roomies are okay...

I think this is an excellent time for blessings to be counted...

blondie just spoke with him about an hour ago. Can't wait to see his smiling face back here on the 'net.

Pardon me while I go do a little Happy Dance.......

PS I did not intend to leave out Jim's family in the above...no, far from it...they are definitely 'blessings to be counted'! I am very happy that all are well.

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blondie said...

What a Cute Happy Dance You Do!!!

I sure was excited to chat with Jim yesterday and hear that all was well.

Can't wait for him to come back!
Whoo Hooooooo!!!

Cya soon,
blondie :))