Thursday, August 28, 2008

My husband has a Dog

I know. I'm a cat person and I live with an awesome dog person. A very generous and loving Dog Person. His dog is a Yellow Lab, 2 years old, and full of energy. And he loves my husband, dearly.

And he loves to roam. Herein lies the only problem I have with this beautiful creature. He simply will not stay on our property. 20+ acres he has to explore, and where does he want to be (when we are not outside watching his every move)? The neighbor's yard! On either side of us, it doesn't matter. And he knows as soon as he's 'caught' over there, he has to return to his pen. Yet, for some reason it is worth it to him to have five minutes over there and then spend several hours in the pen.

Neither my husband, nor I want to see this 'Yeller Duck Dawg' as we lovingly call him, penned up. At least not for hours on end...So we have purchased a radio controlled invisible fencing system. It will take while to get it set up, placing flags at the perimeter of his new 'free space', getting the settings just right, etc. Then will come the interesting part. During a two week period we are to teach this critter what those white flags mean. There will be a beep when he gets close to the boundary, and if he chooses to challenge it, he gets a bit of 'tingling' correction from his collar. We shall see.

My husband's dream of an old yeller dog laying by the fireplace, (or at our side on the porch) may depend on our ability to teach this dog a new trick...STAY HOME!!!


HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...nice story. Pets can be a bit of a pain sometimes just for the fact that they have a hard time understanding the very idea of boundries and rules.

I love the image I get from the story of the big yellow dog. When I move to the country, I'll have a big dog as a partner. Just can't see trying to have one in the city...doesn't seem fair somehow!


blondie said...

Cute story Cat.
Can't wait to hear how the 'old yeller' dog adapts to the new "fence".
And why do I have the feeling it's going to be humorous? lol
See you later,
blondie :))

Will said...


I have a Fox Terrier who manages to crawl under our fence and roam the neighborhood.

At least she comes back now. I am not sure if that is a good thing sometimes.

Cannot wait to hear how effective this "fence" is.