Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I have a story to share...

I am not a very good 'chatter'.

I say this, laughing at myself, because I was just over at another site surfing and chatting, and realized that I try to multi-task and may come off to some as rude. I get side-tracked easily. I don't mean to 'not answer'. And sometimes I even answer too much (?) and miss what the other person is saying.

I am making an effort to be more conscientious of my fellow chatters.

Now, after all that, I have something to say. I made a comment earlier today about being an Air Force brat part of the time I was growing up. Then it occurred to me that I have a story to share. It is about my father and a part of his Air Force career. He was lost at sea in a crash over the Bering Strait in 1969. There was nothing ever found of the plane. We knew very little about what had actually happened for so many years. Then came the internet...
A wonderful man named King Hawes created a website all about the program my father was involved in when he died. The story is fascinating. I urge you to visit it when you have some time to settle in and read for a while. My father's name was Robert Fox. Daddy's memorial page is 11, I believe. The link is:

You should also be able to click on the title of this post and go there.

Well, I think I'll go rattle around and see what I can get into...


HermitJim said...

Cat...I wanted to go and read the website you mentioned, but I couldn't find the link. I'll check back later! See ya later at TE?


meltcat said...

Yea, Jim,
I'm kinda slow...took me 3 stabs to get it
I hope you enjoy the reading. Mr. Hawes did a fabulous job. And he has updated the site since I was there last.
Thanks for stopping by, and I'll probably see ya at TE,