Monday, May 7, 2012

Obamacare must be stopped...starting here in Kentucky.

Went with a good friend today to Frankfort, KY to an 'open meeting' discussing our state's push to create health care exchanges ahead of the upcoming deadlines mandated by the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare.  Over $60 million in grants has already been applied for and used to study and begin to set up this health exchange in Kentucky.  The forum was to inform 'We the People' of the progress being made and to get feedback from us.  It became apparent from the very beginning of the meeting, when, after the moderator made introductions of the 'smart' people on the panel, that we were in for some learnin'.  When asked about opening with the Pledge of Allegiance, our moderator told us we would not be doing that.  Several voices in the room asked why and were ignored.  This meeting proceeded with members of the panel talking about several aspects of the studies and creation of the health exchanges and taking what they apparently assumed would be questions regarding the topics they had presented.  I don't think they were prepared for what they got.  Audience members spoke up and made known quite plainly that we were not in agreement with what they were doing and wanted them to cease and desist.

One gentleman in particular was responsible for many of us showing up to this meeting.  He is David Adams and from what I know of him, he is a dedicated patriot, working and fighting to combat Obamacare and other far-reaching policies of our current government. In his blogpost, "Kentucky Progress: Tea Party resurgence in Kentucky", he states, "Indeed, what comes next is critical. A single, simple demand is necessary. Conservatives and tea partiers should call Governor Beshear and demand that he return the $60 million in federal grant money Kentucky has received to implement an ObamaCare. His number is (502)564-2611. Further, please call your state Senator and Representative and demand that they publicly call on Beshear to send the money back and discontinue all efforts to create an ObamaCare health insurance exchange in Kentucky."

Kentucky Progress: Tea Party resurgence in Kentucky

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