Thursday, March 26, 2009

Putting Gratitude To Work For You

I've been thinking alot lately about how negative
things seem to be and it seems such a waste of our
allotted minutes in this life.
So, while clearing out my inbox, I came across this
and it said much more effectively exactly what I
wanted to say:

Prosperity Secrets 101

"Prosperity is generated by mental and
physical forces. To generate prosperity in
your own life you must open your mind to it."
- - Catherine Ponder

The question that seems to be on everyone's
mind right now is "How can I confidently live
prosperously when all the news is bad?"

People will say it can't be done, but as you know,
"people" are usually wrong. The common
wisdom is often not wisdom at all.

Unless you believe it, of course. Then it becomes
true for you! So let's look at some basic prosperity
principles of uncommon wisdom instead!

You remember the first principle in the Gratitude
ebook, right? We live in a friendly Universe. That
means that we don't have to really create prosperity
because the friendly Universe is already loaded
with it! We don't have to convince the Universe to
give us anything, but we do we have to mentally
open up to receive it.

How do we do that? By expecting it. By looking
for it. By feeling worthy of it, and you know that
the fact that you're alive is proof that you're
worthy of it. And that's your first prosperity

Next is getting clear about what you want. Most
people have trouble with this; they know what
they don't want but not what they want.

That doesn't work in a restaurant, and it doesn't
work in your life. You gotta decide what to
order and be clear about it. Write it out, and
visualize it with strong positive emotions. This
is prosperity secret # 2.

Third, decide what you're willing to give for it. We
live in a friendly Universe, but not a something for
nothing Universe. What will you trade for your
prosperity? What labor, what product, what
service will be your gift to the world? Giving is a
gratitude principle and stepping up to this
requirement is prosperity secret #3.

And finally, take action. Sitting and waiting for
something to happen is not a success
formula that works. Besides it's easier to steer
when you're in motion! Get moving. Action is
secret #4.

What if you're not sure what to do? That happens
to all of us at times. Well, don't go around saying,
"I don't know what to do" because that's an
affirmation that's not going to help you! Something
like "I know what to do and I do it" or "The right
course is becoming clear to me now" will get you
better results. Expect an opening, look for the
opportunity and take action.

In the Great Depression a young company named
IBM under the enlightened leadership of Thomas
Watson was run on these principles of mental
preparation, confident expectation, service and
action. While companies were failing all around
them, IBM was doubling its revenues each year.
This is not theoretical voodoo, this is proven,
practical stuff that works!

You do live in a friendly Universe, and that's
something to be grateful for!

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