Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cats...nothing trivial about them...

My friend, HermitJim gave us cat lovers a treat today in his blog...Cat Trivia!
But it is a funny coincidence that he chose that topic, this morning.

I have a cat that is a particular "baby" of mine...I was there when he was born two years ago and have been attached to him ever since. Well this baby decided to take advantage of my inattention when I came in from feeding the dogs this morning, and he escaped! Now, mind you, this is an INSIDE cat, not an inside/outside cat. And we live on top of a pretty good hill, overgrown and some wooded, so where does this little scamp go? As fast as he can?
Can you see the picture? The little round lady out running after the wayward Maine Coon Cat!
Down the big, dew laden hill in the early light of dawn to rescue the poor, defenseless kitty from the realm of the unknown...wild critters, neighbor dogs, and oooh, little hoppy things to chase, oh boy!
I did some quick "Please, Lord, Help Me's" and even quicker maneuvers down at the bottom of that hill. Finally, after wearing both of us out, I caught Rastus and bundled his wet, cold self up in my arms. Then I looked up. Up that hill. Oh. My. I love my cat, I love my cat...was the chant as I climbed slowly back up to the house.
Well, after that refreshing morning exercise, I went to have a cup of coffee with the Hermit. I will feel the reminder of this fine day tomorrow, I am sure.


HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...what a wonderful story! Sometimes these little guys can be full of surprises, huh? Glad to see that the kitty is helping with the morning workout!

True case of the grass always being greener, I guess. Keep up the good work and keep smiling!


Brian Kliewer said...


I was doing a search for Maine Coon Cats and found your blog. They're wonderful animals!

I just posted about my "Pepper," or, rather, my painting of him. You might find my post about "In The Studio" interesting. Pepper had a sister, Sissy, and boy did they ever get into it! They were so much fun.

Pepper died in 2002 and Sissy followed in 2003 after giving us some wonderful years of companionship. Enjoy yours! I know you will.


Brian Kliewer said...


I tried to comment earlier but my computer froze up on me.

I found your blog searching for Maine Coon cats. They really are wonderful animals. I just posted an article about my cat on my blog. It's more about my painting of him than Pepper himself. He is dearly missed as is his sister, Sissy. Wonderful cats. They gave us a lot of great memories. And boy, when they went to playing with each other, it was fierce..but a lot of fun.

If you check out my blog, look at the "In The Studio" link as well. I think you'll get a kick out of one of my favorite stories about them both.

Have fun with your cat!