Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I have a wonderful assignment coming up

This weekend, I am making a cake for a friend's parent's 60th Wedding Anniversary! It is not often (in fact this is my first), that one has an opportunity to create a cake for an occasion this special...a couple celebrating 60 years together!

I will be making royal icing roses for the next few days as they will be the border on both the full sheet (24" x 18") and the two tier (12" and 8" squares) stacked cakes. The roses are to be tipped in shades of lavender and violet. I think these cakes will be simple but elegant. My friend requested red velvet, french vanilla, and chocolate flavored cakes. I will probably do a cream cheese buttercream icing for the red velvet tier (12" sq.)

So, if I am not around, rest assured that I AM around...I'll just be in the kitchen creating roses, and cake, and icing, and smellin' up the house somethin'


HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...the cake sounds wonderful. I sure would like to see a picture of it on here when you finish! Just reading about it made my mouth water...

Thanks for the images and the smiles, my friend!


blondie said...

I can smell it already!
Can't wait to see it (hint)
Have a Fun Smilin Day Cat!
Catch you around,