Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ever heard of Guerilla Gardening?

Being one that loves the beauty of any garden, I thought it was such an intriguing title that I had to check it out (click the title)... Turns out it is taking over a public or private spot in (usually) an urban area and planting a garden there! Along sidewalks, empty lots, medians, on ramps to the freeway...Food, foliage, or flowers, whatever will grow there.
At first I was just a bit appalled at the thought of someone coming onto "MY" property. But then I thought, if it's not being used and someone can make it beautiful and/or productive, why not? Of course, I live out in the country, so I personally have not experienced this. And yet, I can see the potential of sharing something positive in an area that may have negative vibes all around it.
So, if you see on the news one day, a happy little woman tending a garden in the traffic island of some city street...think of me and SMILE!


HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...boy, that would be a good idea in some places around here. Trouble is...the city and county employees would mow it down in a heart beat. Still. the picture of all the traffic islands in town being filled with fresh flowers and veggies is very enjoyable.

Thanks for the images, Cat!


blondie said...

Hey Cat,
Welcome Back!
Been missing your blog for a few weeks, lol

Nice idea about the gardening. Although I don't get out much so I guess I don't really notice what needs help around here.

Still waiting for the Lemon Cake to make my butt healthier! hehehehe

Later friend,
blondie :))

meltcat said...

Jim and blondie,
I'm glad to see ya'll here, too.

You know, one would hope that if there is a nice garden in a place that officials would appreciate both the fact that it beautifies and that they don't HAVE to mow it.
And as for a healthier, I'm still trying to figger how to make that cake/pie...I AM an optimist, you know!!

One Happy Cat