Monday, June 2, 2008

Attraction, Good or Bad

I am a firm believer in this...
And I have to admit, I haven't always been aware of this concept. I have gone through some rough periods throughout my life, but the most recent one was where I actually put into practice this concept and am reaping the benefits on a daily basis...


Have you ever spent time wondering why many good people continually attract negative situations into their lives while others seem to attract nothing but beautiful situations into theirs. This concept contains power, possibility, and promise if you will use it.

You are God's highest form of creation. You are a living breathing creative magnet. You have the ability to control what you attract into your life. There have always been small select groups of individuals who are aware of how to work in harmony with this natural law of the universe: The Law of Attraction.

This law clearly states you can only attract to you that which is in harmony with you. Everything in the universe vibrates. That is based on the Law of Vibration. That includes your mind and body. Look at your body through a microscope, it is a mass of energy that is moving and vibrating. Your mind controls the vibration you are in at any given moment. You control your mind by the thoughts you choose. No one can cause you to think something you do not want to think. This is where freedom comes in, this is also where the problem begins with most people. They permit what is happening around them to determine how they think. They have become the play-thing for outside forces.

Ninety percent of the population wish positive but think negative. Their negative thoughts puts them in a negative vibration which by law determines what is attracted into their lives. As a creative individual you will continually attract good things into your life by thinking positive thoughts and expecting the best life has to offer. You deserve it.

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HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...great post! I have to say I like the way you find things to post about that are of interest to me!

Did I give myself away somewhere?


meltcat said...

LOL...Jim, you are like a window...clear, open, and even a little breezy the best way, of course.

I'm glad you stopped by,


Will said...

Nice Cat,

We look for the best in each other and it is interesting that we start attracting like minded people.

It seems our sphere of friends is getting stronger.

Great post by the way.